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We believe Cincinnati has the resources to be the premier startup destination in the Midwest. Everything GCVA does fosters this sense of community. Our leadership consists of young, entrepreneurial volunteers involved with several of Cincinnati’s startup organizations giving us a pulse of the region’s strengths and needs. Our brand takes pride in being “socially unassuming” – meaning everyone is welcome! Looking to dip your toes in #StartupCincy? Check out our morning events, Breakfast Club and Joe Thirty. Student coder looking to hack? Come to our “CTO Day” events. Angel looking for investment opportunities? Well, come to everything! See below for more details.

ANNOUNCING The First “GCVA Recognizes” Awards @ TEDxCincinnati’s Main Stage Event

(during Innovation Alley)

In an effort to highlight some of #startupcincy’s finest, GCVA will be hosting its first annual “GCVA Recognizes” Awards at 2016’s TEDxCincinnati Main Stage event on June 16th from 5:00 – 6:30. The show will occur during Happy Hour at TEDxCincinnati’s Innovation Alley where attendees will have a chance to recognize and celebrate the hottest businesses, technologies, entrepreneurs, and funders in Cincinnati’s technology community. Innovation Alley will also feature hands-on experiences with some of the most innovative technologies in our area.
  • Most Inspiring CEO – A CEO who is continuing to push the limits of his/her company, making real traction not just just PR noise, and is an inspiration to other entrepreneurs.
  • Best Up and Coming Investor – Nomination is for someone actively investing in early stage companies in the region, that is well known throughout the community and doing big things! Must be someone who is making waves in the investment scene and has been in Cincinnati no more than 10 years.
  • Best Pivot – Which company most effectively took real market data and shifted their technology to fit a customer base that immediately began buying its products/services.
  • Best Mentor – The best startup mentor person is simply “great”. They are a coach, cheerleader, enforcer, and teammate that is helps their team(s) achieve success.
  • Biggest Technology Leap – Technology is changing the world. This category is all about technology that seems to defy understanding and will be the future once the world catches up.



At JoeThirty one founder shares their story with the community and has a few specific needs or asks. It is a back and forth conversation between the founder and their community!

GCVA Recognizes

In an effort to highlight some of #StartupCincy’s finest, GCVA will be hosting its first annual “GCVA Recognizes” Awards at 2016’s TedXCincinnati on June 16th.

Breakfast Club

At GCVA’s Breakfast Club four startups of varying stages get the opportunity to showcase their work to the community.

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